Charlie Favret

Count Your Lucky Stars

I grew up in the city and as a kid I enjoyed family camping trips to experience nature. However, we never quite fully escaped the influence of humanity on the night sky. This all changed when my wife and I took our first trip to Texas’s Big Bend National Park 27 years ago. I was astounded by the number of stars that you could see just by looking up and each night I would stay up until I saw at least one shooting star, which would never take very long. I was hooked and exploring West Texas quickly became an annual adventure.

This piece is from the Davis Mountains, not far from McDonald Observatory which is famous for its dark skies. It is composed of 400 images taken over the course of 2 hours. Each photo was exposed for 15 seconds at a wide open aperture to capture the glow of the distant suns.

Some of this light took over a million light-years to reach Earth, starting the journey long before humans populated the Earth. The North Star is just to right of the frame and due West is just off to the left, creating the peaceful concentric circles of light as the Earth rotates at roughly 1,000 miles an hour. I hope that you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it.

Charlie Favret is an avid motorcycle rider and photographer who has a love of exploring the less traveled back roads. His photography draws on that same passion for the technical challenge and seeing the unexpected beauty in things around him. Originally from New Orleans, Charlie has lived in the Round Rock area since 2000. More of his work can be viewed at

Susie Kelly Flatau 

Contemporary Artist



Color, composition, lines, sacred space . . . together they dance across my canvases to bring life to the spirit and soul of my art.  In pure joy, I embrace my creative muse as I take a work from inception to completion through a non-objective, intuitive process.  


I explore the dynamic and mysterious energy created by transitional places that fall between moments:  the moments between land and water, earth and sky, dusk and dawn, movement and stillness, light and dark.   


My works invite the viewer to experience literal or figurative landscapes, moments frozen in time.  I work in layers that allow the paintings to organically evolve through a process of manipulation, alteration, addition and/or subtraction.


My artist soul sees life as brush strokes in a contemporary dance.  

 Melton Guthrie

Melton R. Guthrie is a self taught oil painter from Central Texas with a little over three score years on the planet, two thirds of which spent holding a paintbrush, chewing on a pencil or coming up with ideas about how to put either or both to good use. He lives in relative seclusion in the middle of a Texas sized ranch where he conjures up paintings aimed at teasing your intellect, tickling your funny bone or instigating the inevitable light bulb moment. He has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of instigation ever since Mrs. McClaren, the lunchroom monitor in the third grade shouted “Melton, you’re just an…an…an INSTIGATOR!” and he had to go home and look it up in the dictionary. If you have a penchant for Realism that just might bend your brain check him out here at TAGat120ART or on his website at

Beck Seitsinger

Twelve year old Beck has Asperger syndrome (a form of autism). He struggles with eye contact and understanding basic social cues when interacting with others. For most of his life, other kids his own age have had a hard time relating to Beck’s lengthy anecdotes or artistic depictions of car logos, gauges and compasses, however, he figured out around the age of six his peers were interested in video game characters and they have become a catalyst for a true connection with his peers. “Beck’s love of characters in games like "Super Mario," "Five Nights at Freddy’s," and "Minecraft" are actually video games that many kids play,” says Lee Ann, Beck’s mom. “So these passions truly have him engaging with kids his own age for the very first time in his life.” Each year his social game grows along with his passion and love of the arts. 

Camilo Esparza Orozco

Koi Fish

Oil On Canvas 17 x 14 in


Alice Moeller

Creating is my life.  My hands have always made things and my mind has always thought of making things.  My childhood was guided by a seamstress mother who was passionate about passing on her skills and love of making to her four children.  The journey started with satin embroidery at the age of seven, inset sleeves in dresses at the age of nine, and scattered along the way was crochet, cross stitch, painting, sketching, and the list goes on. 
In high school I had a mending business and would design and make fabric tote bags to sell.  
Everyone is asked the big question..."What do you want to be when you grow up?" 
Besides a short lived interest in being a model my childhood answer was always a straightforward "artist" or "designer." 
After graduating high school I moved on to college and fell in love with my husband of almost ten years. We began building a family and life together and days were filled with babies, toddlers, joy, and plenty of chaos.  I still managed to fit in my love of design and making and knew that I wanted to make a living out of my passion, but wasn't sure how to go about doing so.  
When our middle child was almost four years old I was given the opportunity to be the administrative assistant at an oil field supply store.  I was excited for the personal challenge.  As the kids started settling into the daycare routine we realized that our four year old was not meeting the behavioral requirements at daycare. We struggled, he struggled, and although he was undiagnosed at the time, the reality was that his autism symptoms were going to have our family alter the plan.  My husband and decided that it would be best if I ended my administrative assistant position and take over as lead artisan at his part time leather business.  I built holsters in our shop from home and was able to care for the needs of our children.  
Fast forward five years and I have a business specializing in custom and unique leather bag designs.  Each large bag I make has a leather tag in the interior signifying which number it is in the series.  Each piece is unique and quality of craftsmanship is of utmost importance.  I strive to give women not only a long lasting bag, but an experience of care and excellent service.  
To have an image in my mind and bring it to life as a tangible object that I can hold in my hands brings me joy.  When I am doing this work I feel that I am my fullest and am doing what I am meant to do. With varying shades of leather and prints of fabric in my hands instinct sets in and I love to go to work.  
Ultimately you could say that due to my children's needs and with my husband's steadfast encouragement my dreams have come true.  I know I will always try and I know I will always make.
SK Michael
S: (Scout's first initial)
K: (Max's middle initial)

Price $395.00

C. P. Harrison

After 20 years as a poet and writer, working frequently with the post-modern poetics of found text, I discovered collage to be a natural successor, and one that is not limited by language.


My artwork aims to celebrate and explore ambiguity. The ambiguity of thought, memory, truth and vision are areas of special interest as they provide a point of entry for the viewer. Art does not exist until it is seen and considered. My artwork often incorporates fractured sightlines, layers of muted colors and various discarded materials or destroyed artifacts to explore the poetry of the abstract, the aged and that which we misremember.

Holli Hartman

To put it simply, I paint what makes me happy. My hope is that I can also bring joy to other people in the process. Through my love of nature, bright colors and bold mark making; I create paintings and learn about myself and my process as I go. Each new series of work is an exploration of an interest, fascination or curiosity of mine. I am able to amplify and grow through knowledge as I study my subjects through painting them. 


The painting “Begins with a Smile” is part of a series of hand portraits. I began painting ‘hands’ as a study but it quickly turned into a body of work. As an artist and maker, I have always been fascinated with how multi-functional and necessary hands are in creating, communicating, healing, and spirituality; as well as all other aspects of day to day life. I create each hand painting to embody a character, personality, or feeling I want to share. Oftentimes inspired by my cheeky friends and family or even some of my favorite TV, novel, and movie characters.


Instagram: @HolliHartmanArt

Facebook: @HolliHartmanArt


Samantha Melvin