Membership Information

The following are membership options:


Membership – 2 Plans


BASIC Membership - $50 a month:


Art Exhibited on and available for sale

·      Membership into the MEETUP Group for Texas Artists of Williamson County

·      No cost Art Openings, Artists Talks, and Artist Events (we will only ask Artist to help provide beverage and food for event)

·      Sales and curbside pickup provided for artist

·      Point of Sale provided for artist

·      Sales and Taxes collected for artist

·      Artist is required to submit W9 for payment of art sold

·      Artist will be paid monthly by the 15th of the following month

·      20% commission collected the first year on all sales and profits from individual artist events

·      No Contract – but I will ask for at least a one-month advance notice so that I can plan for another artist to sign-up for Membership 

·      Weekly updates on International, National, and Regional Calls for Art Opportunities

·      One to one assistance with submissions and guidance on current trends of art (free ½ hour consultations)

·      I will print promotional posters, artist bios, artist statements, and labels at no extra cost to members for exhibitions using professional artist database software.

·      I will create videos for websites, facebook/Instagram/pinterest, and google  


PREMIUM Membership - $150 a month to benefit from the following MONTHLY:


All the above benefits PLUS.


·      Dedicated Monthly Wall Space (approx 8’ - 10') Rotating monthly for 2D artwork at the

o  Estrada Garcia Gallery in Georgetown

o  Lamppost Coffee Shop Georgetown

o  Lamppost Coffee Shop Round Rock 

o  2nd Saturday Art Market in Georgetown 10 am to 2 pm (currently closed due to COVID)

o  Other Locations are acquiredThe following is the link to Volunteering Options:

My commitment to find "collectors" and "buyers" for the artists

·      Artist’s commitment to create the highest quality art for the customers and collectors.

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